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  Simon Atkins

About me
CV (printable)

Equipment and Technical Skills

Technical Skills:

I am trained & experienced with the following equipment and teach many of these skills to others in my workshops & training courses

Cameras: HDCAM 750/730 — Z1 & A1 HDV
— DigiBeta — DSR570/450 — PD170 — DVCam & miniDV — secret cameras

Film: 16mm Aaton

Lighting: Full location lighting set-ups.

Sound: Documentary location sound — boom mikes — stereo/mono — mixers — radio mikes

Location Laptop Editing: Panasonic Toughbooks running Avid Xpress

Satellite Communications:
Voice and Data (phone, web, email & video uplinks) with Inmarsat — Began — Iridium/Thuraya

Simon Kalar Patar Himalayas
On Kala Patar above Everest Base Camp at 5545m, Nepal.
Making the most of Sony's tiny new HDV -A1 camera

Extreme & Remote Filming Conditions:

Over the course of my career I have gained considerable experience and skills working in remote, hazardous and extreme conditions.

Mountain Regions (high altitudes and extreme cold) — Deserts (heat & sand) — Jungles (rain, heat & humidity) — Oceans & Yachts (salt) — Conflict Areas — Remote Areas —

Specialist Equipment

Solar panels: Specialist regulators, chargers, portable generators, cabling,
lithium power packs etc .I am never without power!

Expedition & Climbing Equipment: Rock & Ice climbing - Abseiling - Jungles - Hammocks & Insect protection - Medical & Emergency - Camping - etc.

Climbing & Abseiling: I am an experienced mountaineer and happy to film from ropes and arrange my own safety equipment.

Laptop editing in tent
High altitude and well below zero In the Nepal Himalayas with colleague Claudio von Planta. Portable laptop editing and satellite uploading to the British Army Everest Expedition website.
Filming Amazon
Filming a Huaorani hunting expedition, Ecuador. Highly portable palmcorder with attached directional mike and radio mike on lead character.
filming yacht
Crossing the Atlantic Ocean on tiny 'Serefe' - PD170 cameras in waterproof  housings - mbl: +44 (0)7710 440421 - email:
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