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Andy and Vine
Andy gulps fresh vine water

1 hr, 16mm/Hi-8, 1996

Middlemarch Films for Channel 4 Encounters and Discovery Channel. Producer Belinda Allen - Fly-on-the-wall actuality documentary. Filmed over ten weeks in very tough conditions. Seven young Brits try to survive in the Amazon jungle

Cameraman, Peru - Director/Cameraman, UK
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— “A gift of a film which charts the total breakdown of meaningful interaction between the seven intrepids”, Time Out —
Seven go mad in Peru:

To seven young 20 somethings, it seemed the chance of a lifetime - an epic trek through the heart of the Amazon jungle.

For ten weeks two women and five men hacked their way through hostile rainforest, besieged by predatory insects and weak with hunger and fatigue.

Their mission? Not just to explore deepest Peru, but also to discover themselves. It was an experience that would test any friendship to the limit.
  Hayley and Parrot
Vegetarian Hayley ponders parrot
for dinner
Insect Bites
Will shows off the day's insect bites
Rafting in jungle
Jungle travel
Building rafts
Building rafts from hollowed out trees - mbl: +44 (0)7710 440421 - email:
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