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Eruption Cloud
Volcan Sangay - eruption cloud
17 mins, Super 8, 1988

BBC 2's Wideworld primetime adventure series — Ecuador's Andes. Extreme working conditions climbing up an active volcano erupting red hot lava and flying rock

Producer/Director and Cameraman.
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Royal Geographic Society
Winner of the BBC and Royal Geographic Society Mick Burke Award for new film-makers
A yarn of the kind that keeps children from play and old men from the fire” — Nancy Banks-Smith, Guardian
Sangay was my first film and quite literally a baptism of fire.

Filmed in Ecuador on super-8 cameras as part of the BBC's Mick Burke Award, a competition for amateur adventure film-makers, I found myself confronted by a very active volcano, failing equipment, and a hungry, grumpy expedition of which I was part.

The constant eruptions (every 20 minutes), red hot lava and flying boulders slowed down our progress and one by one the team turned back leaving just myself and the leader/recordist to try for the summit at 5,200 metres.

We filmed ourselves to within 200 metres of the final craters before we too admitted defeat.
Lightning Ball
Looking across at a ball of lightning
Night Eruption
Night eruptions and star tracks (long exposure) - mbl: +44 (0)7710 440421 - email:
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