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Elephant Mask Carver PARKS OR PEOPLE?
40 mins, 16mm, 1992

Forest Films for SBS (Australia, Fragile Earth), BBC 2 Schools, TVE. Hard-hitting environmental programme independently produced on a tight budget. Five months in Cameroon.

Producer/Director, Editor and Cameraman
Forest Films Logo
TVE Logo
Finishing sacred elephant mask carving,
Kilum Mountain Forest Project, Oku, Cameroon
Winner of BBC/WWF Golden Panda Newcomer Award
Wildscreen 1992

Stambecco d'Oro International Nature Film Festival, Italy
World Festival of Environmental Films, Venezuela
Further broadcasts: Brazil, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Kenya

Parks or People?

Shot over five months in Cameroon, central Africa. This is an uncompromising look at the pitfalls of some rainforest projects and the successes of others. We follow the clash between a western conservation group and the tribal people they are evicting from their homes in national parks, and compare that to an inspiring grassroots project run mostly by the local people.

Video Cover
Programme video cover

Woodcarvers in the rainforest -
Kilum Mountain Forest Project, Oku, Cameroon
Village Meeting
Community development meeting at "Last Banana"
Korup National Park
Tree Buttress
Termite nest on tree buttress,
Korup National Park
Filming in Lake Oku
Filming with my ancient Bolex camera in Lake Oku
  Commercial Logging
Commercial Logging destruction, Cameroon
Panda AwardsAward Certificate
Wildscreen Golden Panda Awards 1992 - mbl: +44 (0)7710 440421 - email:
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