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Osaka Story Wedding Photo OSAKA STORY
75 mins, 16mm, 1995

Fine Cut BBC 2, SBS (Australia), S3 (Germany)
Filmed in Japan and Korea. Feature length observational documentary. A real life and intimate family drama requiring much tact and sensitivity

Associate Director and Cinematographer.
BBC2 logo Winner of five major documentary Film Awards

— “Engrossing compelling fascinating - its concerns and appeal are universal”, Geoff Andrew, Time Out —

— "A delightful film, very brave and full of self-irony" - Nicholas Fraser, commissioning editor, BBC TV —

— "deeply moving" - Phillip French, The Observer —

— "What makes this film so compelling is the tension between the fraught emotions at work and the traditional Japanese reserve used to express them." Time Out review Feb. 15 1994

Osaka Story - a documentary
Osaka Story - a documentary


Grand Prix - Film Festival of International Film Students, Japan (1994)
Gold Hugo - Chicago International Film Festival, USA (1994)
Special Jury Prize - Vancouver International Film Festival, Canada (1994)
JVC Best Student Film - Royal Anthropological Institute International Festival of Ethnographic Film, UK (1994)
Prix du Bibliothèques - Cinéma du Réel, Paris France (1995)


BBC2 Fine Cut
Australia - SBS
Germany - S3
Finland - TV2

Theatrical release:

in cinemas in London (ICA), Tokyo and Osaka

Osaka Story - a documentary

After three years abroad, film-maker Toichi Nakata returns home to Osaka, Japan, and turns a camera on his family, confronting all its hidden fault-lines and hidden schisms.

It's a family of contradictory Korean and Japanese loyalties, with a father torn between two families, a mother worrying about her present and future position, a brother torn between the family business empire and a cult religion and a sister who has opted to go her own way.


Director/Producer and Sound - Toichi Nakata
Associate Director and Camera - Simon Atkins
Producer - Ichiro Matsumoto - mbl: +44 (0)7710 440421 - email:
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