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Hyacinth macaw
Charlie Munn and the prized hyacinth
- now an endangered species
1 hr, DigiBeta/16mm, 2001

Granada Wild for Channel 4
Executive Producer Peter Moore
Peru and Brazil. Innovative programme-making creatively combining a quirky biography with environmental issues and blue-chip natural history

Director and Lighting Cameraman.
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Filming on Cliffs
Trappers poach baby macaw chicks
from their nests in remote cliff faces
in NE Brazil
The Real Macaw

Everyone loves macaws. Their bright feathers, mimicking skills and playful antics make them highly desirable pets. But a long history of taking macaws from the wild has taken its toll and many of them are now in danger of extinction.

This is the story of how an American millionaire is controversially turning the parrot's charms to their salvation. Charlie Munn is one of the world's leading conservation biologists and a man with daunting energy.

He is prepared to criticise governments, work with smugglers, finance local Indians. He will do anything to make sure the macaws of South America do not become a thing of the past.
Indian girl
Machiguenga indian girl in Timpia
- Peru. Site of an innovate
eco-tourism project.
Filming in Pongo Gorge
Filming in the Pongo Gorge, Peru.
Simon and macaw
Who's looking at who? - blue & gold macaw
Pongo Gorge
The Pongo Gorge, Timpia, Peru. Home
to the highly endangered Military Macaw

Hyacinth Macaws, Brazil
Eco-Lodges, Peru
Macaw Landing Foundation
Paul Paragon, Recordist
Tropical Birds Forums
Upper Amazon
Early morning in the upper Amazon - mbl: +44 (0)7710 440421 -
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